Aztec dance and nahuatl language  by Alfonso Galicia

Using dance as a form of healing and prayer through movement, participants will thank the surrounding elements as an expression of harmony with nature and the universe.






 Mesoamerican Ocarina /flutes making by Camilo Giraldo

Participants in this workshop will learn about the instruments made and used by inhabitants of the Americas in pre-Hispanic times. At the end of the workshop, attendees will have the chance to build their own ocarina, inspired by the sounds and shapes of Tocani members.



Rhythm and movement workshop

This workshop is guided by the idea of balance between sound, rhythm, and even silence in every performance. Participants will experience and experiment with the freedom that comes from intertwining body and mind guided by the interplay of sound, rhythm, silence, and emplacement in a particular locatio

“Members of Tocani are themselves always in pursuit of deepening their knowledge of form and history. Likewise, they deem it important to pass on what they know to the community, and to explore and experiment with that community for an ever better understanding of what it means to perform traditionally rooted music and movement today. These are some of the workshops on offer.